Our Mission

Hey there! We're a trio of doctors who've been in the thick of it all.

Our journey of the problem began with a constant stream of texts from friends and family, all baffled by their blood test results. They'd wait anxiously for over a week to chat with their doctors, only to end up stuck in traffic and losing precious hours for a brief in-person visit. Sound familiar?

But here's the real twist – many of them only spoke Arabic. And guess what? Every blood report they received was in English. Imagine the stress of seeing 'red' flags on your report and not understanding a word! 😟

We noticed another hiccup: our own busy schedules. We're talking full days, sometimes only managing quick voice notes while navigating traffic. It wasn't just about the lack of time; it was the realization that we couldn't give these concerns the attention they deserved.

This led to a cocktail of emotions for our loved ones – anxiety, frustration, and a whole lot of stress over results they couldn't comprehend. That's when the lightbulb went off.

Enter TRTL.Health.

We wanted to put an end to the confusion, the waiting, and the stress. Our mission? To empower you with clear, understandable insights into your health – no matter the language. We're here to ensure that your journey to understanding your health is smooth, stress-free, and maybe even a little fun! 🌟

Welcome to TRTL.Health – where clarity meets care, in Arabic and English. Let's make health a journey you can navigate with confidence and ease. 🚀

Meet Our Team

Dr. Abdullah Al Ali

Dr. Abdullah completed his medical studies at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, graduating with Honors. After completing his 5 year Board certification in Family medicine, from the Kuwait Institute of medical specialties, he completed an International Masters in Business administration (MBA) from IE university, Madrid, Spain. Dr. Abdullah is passionate about the endless possibilities to improving people health and lives when technology and health interact well, and this is his key driver for co-founding TRTL health.  

Dr. Ahmed Bahroh

Dr Ahmed graduated from medical school Trinity College Dublin and obtained his board certification in Family Medicine. He has taken on administrative responsibilities in healthcare centres within primary care. He is also a trainer for post graduate residents in the Kuwaiti board for family medicine residency program.

Dr. Meshari Al Ali

Dr. Meshari completed his medical studies at the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin, Ireland. After completing 5 years of the Kuwaiti Board of Internal Medicine, Dr.Meshari successfully became a member of the Royal College of Physicians in London, England. He is committed to providing people with actionable and understandable medical insights so that anyone can take control of their health.