TRTL Health Analysis

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Personalized Health Analysis in Arabic & English. AI-driven explanations of each biomarker & what you can do. Easy to understand visuals of your historical values. Reviewed by board-certified doctor. This product is intended for adults (18+).

Get healthier today by getting your FREE TRTL Health Analysis in Arabic and English

Are you confused by your old blood test (تحليل دم)? Or perhaps you're frantically searching online for an what  تحليل CBC، RBC، WBC، RDW، HCT, Neutrophils، Urea، Hemoglobin، HBA1C actually mean - and wether you have to do something about it?

We are here to help you! 

TRTL.Health offers you the ability to convert complex medical language into an easy-to-understand, comprehensive Health Analysis. 

Simply upload your results, and we will translate them into an understandable and actionable advice about your normal and abnormal results, AI driven to be based on the latest medical information, and doctor managed to ensure you get the best health outcomes. 

What do I get?

  • English & Arabic TRTL Health Analysis - Doctor reviewed (Digital) 

Why Choose TRTL Health?

As a pioneer in the region, TRTL offers bilingual smart blood reports in both English and Arabic, making us your ideal partner for a thorough health check. Our mission is to simplify the understanding of medical tests for everyone, and here's why TRTL stands out:

  • Bilingual Health Analysis: We translate complex blood tests into understandable, easy to read, and actionable information - in Arabic and in English. 

  • Experienced Medical Experts: Our qualified doctors with extensive experience in the medical field, and they are responsible for assuring that the medical information provided is up to date, relevant and helpful. 

  • TRTL 1 is free: Our mission is to empower people with their health information, so they, and doctors, can have better health interactions, creating a healthier, and happier, population. That's why we kept TRTL 1 as a free service to our community. 

  • Private and Secure: TRTL Health is HIPPA complaint and ensures secure and safe storage and access to your medical information. 

How Do I Get Started?

  1. Upload your blood test results to your TRTL account. 
  2. Our team of doctors will review your results and deliver a TRTL Health Analysis within 2 business days.
  3. Get your TRTL Health Analysis digitally through your TRTL account - and get healthier! 

Take control of your health today, make informed decisions, and foster a better relationship with your healthcare provider.

The future of healthcare is today. 


How Do I Get Started?

1- Upload your blood test results to your TRTL account. 

2- Our team of doctors will review your results and deliver a TRTL Health Analysis within 2 business days.

3- Get your TRTL Health Analysis digitally through your TRTL account - and get healthier! 

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! This service is only available in Kuwait

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